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Each product is custom made, carved from traditional craft transformed into new stories of future. We produce unique, authentic and sustainable bespoke products rich in story.

Get A Custom, Unique Products Made By The Experts

The 100 percent wool, handmade vintage rugs and kilims that give life to our products are selected individually from collectors, repaired and professionally cleaned. These rugs and kilims are selected and classified according to their sizes, patterns and wholeness for the benches and stools to be made. Since every furniture will be unique and one of a kind, the dimensioning is done accordingly. Patterns and dimensions of rugs and kilims also play an important role in design.

Sizes and unique designs are required to suit these unique hand products.  For example, if a Turkish rug with a medallion is selected for the furniture, the medallion should be placed in the middle of the furniture.  Or the patterns of an authentic rug are either symmetrical or asymmetrical should be harmoniously converted into furniture blending in with the style of the design. For this reason, the furniture size and design are drawn specifically for each rug and kilim individually.

Production Process


Designer works on the drawings showing proportions, constructional and decorative details. Each design is inspired from the pattern on the carpet or rug selected for that product. The frame and legs of the furniture are measured considering the physiological size of the person (height, sitting area) and produced accordingly. Paint colors of the frame and legs are selected matching the patterns and colors on the rugs and kilims that were identified for the specific furniture. Leg forms are designed and shaped with classic and modern touches suitable for the historical texture of vintage rugs and kilims.


Baked hornbeam wood, which is extremely robust, is used in the frames of our furniture. The frame should be very strong, and it should challenge the years just like the hand-woven rugs and kilims used as upholstery and covers on the furniture. For these reasons, the trees cut in optimum thickness are assembled in the most robust way to build the frames. Stuffing materials are filled as required.


Legs are made of the most hornbeam, robust beech, walnut and chestnut trees. Wood sawed to size, planed, and after rough carving, each leg is shaped by hand work on the lathe. The joints sanded and edges shaped before fitting the legs. Steel screws specifically designed for Ottoman Classic are used to fit the legs. Any leg design chosen by the customer can be mounted on the furniture.

Staining & Varnishing

When the frame and legs are ready, the stain and polishing process begins. First, the frame and legs are colored with water-based paints that will suit the rug or kilim. Then, manual polishing starts with a traditional shellac technique that will reveal the veins and structure. It takes about 3 days to prepare one set of legs (4 pieces).

Upholstery & Assembly

Finally, all parts, legs and frame are all put together in the workshop and the product passes to the upholstery. For the upholstery foundation, rubber solid columns are nailed to carry the sponge and load to the frame. It is topped by high quality hard gray sponge and ready to be encased in upholstery rug or kilim. Hard and inelastic material rug and kilim is carefully tacked with an air-driven clamp to the shape of the furniture. During this process, sponge should neither collapse nor swell. Also, care should be taken to keep pattern lines aligned and in harmony. It is a great extent handicraft to make quality upholstery. 

Get A Custom Design

Meet The Team


Lord of the designs

Graduate of Fine Arts University, photographer and designer.

He has been collecting vintage rugs and kilim for about 7 years, and designing bench, coffee table, ottoman and stool from valuable Turkish or vintage rugs and kilims for the last 3 years.

He buys rugs and kilims one by one travelling around Anatolia.

Along with design, leg selection, painting, and polishing, it is his responsibility to photograph these products in the most accurate and natural colors.


Wood Whisperer

He is a carpenter and lathe master for about 17 years.

Having worked in different sectors throughout his career gives him an advantage. His meticulousness in product selections comes from this feature.

He is a perfectionist. He makes the frames and legs of the designs by hand and controls their quality. A carpenter who is passionate about his job.



Prince of Polishes

Furkan is our intelligent extraordinary team member. If you hear Metal music on the production site, he is definitely doing his job with a deep concentration 🙂

He uses shellac polishing technique to polish the products individually by hand.

He is also responsible for packaging these art pieces.

What a wonderful shopping experience! Erol was an absolute joy to work with. He built the frame to our custom size specifications and found a selection of rugs, and legs the matched the size, color, and look we requested. He was patient with us as we chose each element. The item also arrived quickly! We couldn’t be happier with our ottoman. I recommend Erol to anyone.


Darien, CT, United States

“Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.” William A. Foster.

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